New York photographer Johnny Rodriguez' approach to his work behind the camera is complimented by over 10 years experience in high-end retouching and graphic design.

In 1996, Rodriguez' professional career went into high gear when he was named Personal Photographer and In-House Director of Creative Services for Latin music superstar Marc Anthony.

As Rodriguez' experience and flair for photography continued to develop, he began doing photo shoots for aspiring and established models, actors and musicians later expanding to commercial and corporate clients.

His vision, enthusiasm, and professionalism are reflected in his work and in his ability to capture the essence of his clientele. Rodriguez is an avid learner who continuously strives to expand his technique and break new creative ground.

Rodriguez' photography has appeared in numerous publications and he has photographed a variety of notable talent in addition to Marc Anthony, including Jennifer Lopez, Visionary, Sr. Pastor J.D. Jakes and hockey legend Wayne Greztky. 

With his careful attention to detail, strong work ethic, and warm rapport with his clientele, Rodriguez has quickly established his presence as a multi-faceted talent.


Marc Anthony Productions
Jennifer Lopez
Applied Science & Performance Institute
Coburn Communication
Bella J.
Boots No7
Blue Nile
Demand Media
Time Warner Cable
TD Banks
Untouchable Events
Avenue Montaigne
Dawn O Designs
Latin Beat Magazine
Hombre Magazine
Harlem Torch Magazine
Bleu Magazine
Monarch Magazine
Manatten Hematolgy Oncology Asscociates, P.C.
Advantage Care Physicians